New Updated Rules

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New Updated Rules

Post by Klein on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:17 am

There's the Rules,You must follow them.If you don't follow/break  one of the rule you will be DEMOTE or KICK.
Who follow Rules Perfectly,He will get 50% chances of Promotions.

1. The member must know the clan name"Force Killers"

2. As a member of clan you must respect all your clan mates.

3. All members will remember that this is just a game and will have fun and not take it too seriously.

4. Don't Spam on Off-Topic,General Disscusion or any Boards.

5.Don't Ask for Promotion we will promote you when we saw your improvements.

6. All the members of clan must be active in-game and clan forum.

7. If a member is going in-active then he must post a topic in in-active players board.

8. Do not break any rule of or main server(Littlewhitey's) and other servers.

9. All members are prohibited from cheating in-game by any means possible. All members found to be hacking/cheating will be removed from the clan immediately.

10. As a member of [Force Killers] should help his clan mates in-game whenever his clan mate was fighting with his friend.

11. All the clan member must take same skin and fight together

When instructed by any Leader or Co_Leader

12. If You killed your Clan mate by mistake then Immediately apologize for that, by this no Misunderstanding will be formed.


13.Give a notifications for Leaving FK.If you leave without giving a notification you will banned from forum.

14.Don't invite anyone for joining FK (Only moderators or Leaders can invite)

More rules will be coming soon...

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Re: New Updated Rules

Post by Casper on Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:37 pm


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